Kingdom Wiki

Ever wonder what caused the explosion of signs, wonders, and miracles at Bethel Church in Redding, CA?

As a ten year member of Bethel Church, I, the founder, started this to provide you, free of charge, a simple, user friendly way to explore the teachings and principles which shaped this small church into the global leader it is today. It is my hope that you might be filled with the living word and continue expanding the kingdom until the fulfillment of the great commission.

Kingdom Wiki, the revival encyclopedia from the church of Bill Johnson and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry

Worldwide Revial
This website is part of the next wave of what God is doing in worldwid media access for information. Bethel Church's podcasts and Extreme Prophetic's videos are both gaining popularity and increasingly hastening the expansion of God's kingdom and faith in the church again.

Stated Purpose
"To provide a structured approach to categorizing and understanding truths presented in revival oriented churches, that we might grow from each other's insights and faith, and hasten the upcoming revival that will bring one million souls to God."

Mission Statement
"To make the principles taught in Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry available online."

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