What is Kingdom Wiki?

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Kingdom Wiki exists to be a storehouse of all wisdom gained by members gained and to teach is the principles taught in Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry and Global Legacy in an easy to search and navigate wiki format.

It is a massive consolidated resource of revelation and understanding that is constantly expanding including:

* Revelations
* Sermon transcripts
* Testimonies

What's the benefit?

Browse any subject quickly using the search engine (prophecy, for example). Research any concept further by clicking any of the highlighted words on any page. Explore related ideas by clicking the category tags at the bottom of most pages. The website format allows for fast and easy access to information you need to expand the kingdom of God!


This project is a massive undertaking, but that's the beauty of the wiki format for this website, anyone can add to it and it's easy!

Mission Statement

* "To provide a structured approach to categorizing and understanding truth, that we might grow from each other's insights and faith, and hasten the upcoming revival that will bring one billion souls to God."

* "To become the standardized source for Christian understanding; consolidating truth from all denominations into one referenceable, usable standard."

* "To become the primary source for revival information on the internet.

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